My Little People
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Deanna (above left) and Troi (above right) were rescued from a shelter in Red Bank, NJ. The 'twins' have enough Siamese in them to be fairly vocal. They are very sweet cats.
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siamese cat
Phoenix (above ) was rescued from a shelter in Cherry Hill, NJ. She'd been there for 6 months, and hasn't missed a meal, since. She's a bit of a curmudgeon, but sweet to all who visit.
Phoenix is Kitty Star of the Week for November 7 - 13, 2004 at!
Way to go Phoe!!!!

Sebastian (above left). He's a Malamute pup from Hudsons Huskies & Malamutes. Feline curiousity, non-stop play & a lap-dog, lovebug to boot!
11 months old & the description still fits!
Sebastian is Star of the Week for January 2 - 8, 2005 at!
Great way to start out the year, big boy!!

Check out our Puppy Kindergarten Adventures
What a terrific experience!
Sebastian goes to Basic Obedience Class
5 month portrait
Basic Obedience - Up A Notch
Sebastian Growth Photos
6 month portrait
Sebastian Family Tree Photos
7 month portrait
8 month portrait
9 month portrait
10 month portrait
11 month portrait
12 month portrait

Cinnabar (above right). He's a Malamute pup from Hudsons Huskies & Malamutes. He's mellow, curious & sweet, and not intimidated by big brother Sebastian!

"The Boys" now have their own site at

Visit them there for updates!

Sebastian snoozing in the snow storm
I think he likes the snow :)

siamese cat

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siamese cat

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