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Sherlock Sounds

Jeremy Brett

"Mrs. Hudson! Fetch me a cab!
"One of the most dangerous classes...."
"Watson! Quick man, it's life or death ..."
"Watson! Send us a telegraph ..."
"Do you not see? It is most conspicuous ..."
"The London criminal is certainly a dull fellow ..."
"My brother, Mycroft, is coming ..."
"What has happened to any brains that God has given me?"
"A man with so large a head, must have something in it!"

Wav files below, kindly contributed by John Roach
"He is the Napolean of crime, Watson"
"... It is quite a 3 pipe problem ..."
"... I can strongly recommend a 7% solution of cocaine ..."
"... I am lost without my Boswell ..."
"Danger is part of my trade"
"My mind rebels against stagnation. Give me problems, give me work"
"I take no credit for my cases ... "
"You've degraded what should have been a course of lectures into a series of tales "
"Mrs. Hudson, you're dreadfully underfoot "
"Dr. Watson is the very man "
"Detection is or ought to be an exact science.."
"Don't go Doctor, I may need you"

Granada Series Theme Music
Granada Intro Theme

Peter Cushing
Wav files below, kindly contributed by John Roach

"..clear, concise, correct.."
"My professional charges are on a fixed scale.."
"This, I think, is a 2 pipe problem"
"When you have eliminated the impossible, Watson, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth "
"Watson, kindly cease fussing "
"I am not a wholehearted admirer of womankind... "
"Watson, I don't quite know what to do and I should value your advice.."
".. I never indulge in mere guesses .."
"Watson, you inspire"
".. I should have noticed this long ago"
".. I never relinquish a case"

Basil Rathbone
"There's an east wind coming, Watson ..."

Wav files below, kindly contributed by John Roach

"If you must record my exploits I do wish
you'd put less emphasis on the melodramatic . . ."
"By the woman, I suppose you mean Irene Adler?
Yes, I shall always remember her as the woman"
"I say Holmes?" "What" "It's morning"
Allow me to congratulate you on a brilliant bit of deduction"
"Holmes, you all right?"
"Perfectly, thank you old fellow, but I think this gentleman on the floor requires some medical attention . . ."
"I still don't understand how you solved it, Mr. Holmes"
"It's entirely due to Dr. Watson"
"Well, congratulations, Doctor"
"Oh thank you, I don't think I could have done it entirely without Mr. Holmes' help you know"
"Does anything escape me?
Almost everything my dear fellow" Watson/Holmes

"Mr. Holmes, you're the one man in all England who can help me
Won't you sit down"

"Watson ... I'm afraid you're an incorrigible bungler"
"Deductions are a weakness of mine, as Dr. Watson will tell you"
"Oh, Watson, the needle"

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