Star Trek
The Classic Series
Season One (1966-67)
The Cage
Pilot Episode
  • written by Gene Roddenberry
  • directed by Robert Butler
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate not given: The starship Enterprise, commanded by Captain Pike, runs across a distress signal which Pike discounts as being outdated, but when a follow-up message concerning survivors of an Earth ship is picked up, Pike follows the signals to Talos IV. Pike and a landing party find a group of almost-too-healthy survivors there. Among them is a young woman named Vina who catches Pike's eye and then leads him into a trap while showing him the crash site. Pike is captured by Talosians, aliens with much larger brains than humans, and is subjected to illusions which are designed to compel him to mate with Vina, who turns out to be a human in captivity. The rest of the crew, meanwhile, struggles to recover Pike, aware that the Talosians' power of illusion is an effective weapon.
  • Cast: Jeffrey Hunter (Captain Christopher Pike), Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock), Susan Oliver (Vina), Majel Barrett (Number One), John Hoyt (Doctor Boyce), Peter Duryea (Lt. Tyler), Laurel Goodwin (Yeoman Colt), Meg Wylie (The Keeper)

The Man Trap
original broadcast: Sep 8, 1966

  • written by George Clayton Johnson
  • directed by Marc Daniels
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 1531.1: Visiting Professor Crater and his wife (who, before marrying Crater, had a close relationship with McCoy), an Enterprise landing party starts to fall prey to an unknown assailant that seems to drain its victims of salt. Kirk is suspicious - and McCoy alarmed - when the Craters refuse, in spite of the threat, to evacuate their planet. The landing party returns to the Enterprise with an extra passenger - a shape shifter who can assume the shapes of Enterprise crewmembers and who has been living with Professor Crater in the guise of his late wife, whom the creature killed. The creature, in search of salt, sees the Enterprise as a promising hunting ground.
  • Season 1 Regular Cast: William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk), Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock), DeForest Kelley (Dr. Leonard McCoy), James Doohan (Mr. Scott), George Takei (Lt. Sulu), Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura)
  • Guest Cast: Jeanne Bal (Nancy Crater), Alfred Ryder (Professor Robert Crater), Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Janice Rand), Bruce Watson (Crewman Green), Michael Zaslow (Darnell), Vince Howard (Crewman), Francine Pyne (Nancy #3)

Charlie X
original broadcast: Sep 15, 1966

  • teleplay by D.C. Fontana
  • story by Gene Roddenberry
  • directed by Lawrence Dobkin
  • music by Fred Steiner
  • Stardate 1533.6: Charlie, a young boy who reportedly grew up alone with only computer banks for company and teachers, is picked up by the crew of a starship and is transferred to the Enterprise for a trip to a starbase. During the trip, Charlie begins to learn more about human relationships and becomes infatuated with Yeoman Rand. When she tells him that he is too young for her, Charlie is enraged and begins to do away with members of the crew who he feels have been condescending to him - including Captain Kirk.
  • Guest Cast: Robert Walker Jr. (Charlie Evans), Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand), Charles J. Stewart (Captain Ramart), Dallas Mitchell (Nellis), Don Eitner (Navigator), Patricia McNulty (Tina Lawton), John Bellah (Crewman #1), Garland Thompson (Crewman #2), Abraham Sofaer (Thasian)

Where No Man Has Gone Before
Second Pilot *
original broadcast: Sep 22, 1966

  • written by Samuel A. Peeples
  • directed by James Goldstone
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 1312.4: The Enterprise is en route to the edge of the galaxy, where a barrier of energy lies that has never been penetrated. When the Enterprise reaches the barrier, it is buffeted by intense energy, injuring many on board. First Officer Mitchell and psychological observer Dr. Dehner are affected as well, and it becomes apparent that their latent ESP abilities have been activated by contact with the barrier. The crew must then contend with the rapidly strengthening super-human beings who now consider the other people on board to be an inferior species.
  • * This is the episode that sold NBC on the idea of Star Trek after The Cage was rejected.
  • Guest Cast: Gary Lockwood (Lt. Commander Gary Mitchell), Sally Kellerman (Dr. Elizabeth Dehner), Lloyd Haynes (Alden), Andrea Dromm (Yeoman Smith), Paul Carr (Lt. Lee Kelso), Paul Fix (Doctor Piper)

The Naked Time
original broadcast: Sep 29, 1966

  • written by John D.F. Black
  • directed by Marc Daniels
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 1704.2: A member of a landing party investigating the ruins on a collapsing planet contracts an unknown infection and returns it to the Enterprise, where it spreads rapidly by touch. Lt. Riley locks himself in engineering and shuts down the engines, which may be needed to get the ship away to avoid damage from the planet's impending destruction. Kirk slowly begins to lose control, and even Spock is affected by the infection, while the planet's final phase of collapse begins with very little warning.
  • Guest Cast: Stewart Moss (Lt. Joe Tormolen), Majel Barrett (Nurse Christine Chapel), Bruce Hyde (Lt. Kevin Riley), Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand), William Knight (Amorous Crewman), John Bellah (Laughing Crewman)

The Enemy Within
original broadcast: Oct 6, 1966

  • written by Richard Matheson
  • directed by Leo Penin
  • music by Sol Kaplan
  • Stardate 1672.1: As a landing party surveys a planet, a transporter malfunction splits Kirk into an aggressive aspect and a timid one. The aggressive Kirk threatens the security of the ship and crew, while the passive one tries to maintain his sanity and ability to command. In the meantime, the cause of the transporter problems haven't been determined, stranding Sulu and the team in the planet's subfreezing night temperatures while the two sides of Kirk's personality fight for control of the Enterprise.
  • Guest Cast: Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand), Edward Madden (Fisher), Garland Thompson (Wilson), Jim Goodwin (Farrell)

Mudd's Women
original broadcast: Oct 13, 1966

  • teleplay by Stephen Kandel
  • story by Gene Roddenberry
  • directed by Harvey Hart
  • music by Fred Steiner
  • Stardate 1329.1: After stealing a freighter and pushing its engines to their limits in an effort to escape the pursuing Enterprise, Harry Mudd and his cargo - three seemingly irresistable women - are recovered. Although Mudd can't help but be suspicious, the women follow his instructions to cripple the Enterprise without any questions from the male members of the crew. The dilithium crystals powering the ship are sabotaged, and Mudd intends to force Kirk to bargain for his crew's life when the Enterprise arrives at a dilithium mining outpost.
  • Guest Cast: Roger C. Carmel (Harry Mudd), Karen Steele (Eve), Maggie Thrett (Ruth), Susan Denberg (Magda), Jim Goodwin (Farrell), Gene Dynarski (Ben Childress), Jon Kowal (Herm), Seamon Glass (Benton), Jerry Foxworth (Guard)

What Are Little Girls Made Of?
original broadcast: Oct 20, 1966

  • written by Robert Bloch
  • directed by James Goldstone
  • music by Fred Steiner
  • Stardate 2712.4: The Enterprise is en route to visit Dr. Korby, a brilliant scientist working in isolation who also happens to be Nurse Chapel's fiance. Kirk and Chapel beam down and discover that Korby has used abandoned technology left behind by an extinct civilization to create android companions for himself - one of which, an attractive and very user-friendly "girl," arouses Chapel's suspicions. Korby, however, has become deranged in his isolation, and wants to take over the Enterprise so he can populate the "inferior" organic universe with androids...
  • Guest Cast: Michael Strong (Dr. Roger Korby), Sherry Jackson (Andrea), Ted Cassidy (Ruk), Majel Barrett (Nurse Chapel), Harry Basch (Brown), Vince Deadrick (Matthews), Budd Albright (Rayburn)

original broadcast: Oct 27, 1966

  • written by Adrian Spies
  • directed by Vincent McEveety
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 2713.5: A remarkably Earthlike planet is the home of a human-like civilization whose entire adult population was wiped out by a virulent disease. The children remain, although their growth has been slowed down to the point that Miri - a teenage girl found by Kirk and a landing party - could easily by 300 years old. Miri develops a crush on Kirk, but at the same time reports back to a gang of unruly children who plot to kidnap the landing party, beginning with Yeoman Rand. Kirk, Rand and even Miri begin to show signs of the disease, which gives Kirk a chance to prove that the disease will eventually kill all of the children - but they are unwilling to admit they need help or the "stuffy" advice of an adult.
  • Guest Cast: Kim Darby (Miri), Michael J. Pollard (Jahn), Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand), Keith Taylor (Jahn's Friend), Ed McCready (Boy Creature), Kellie Flanagan (Blonde Girl), Steven McEveety (Redheaded Boy), David Ross (Security Guard #1), Jim Goodwin (Farrell), John Megna (Little Boy)

Dagger of the Mind
original broadcast: Nov 3, 1966

  • written by S. Bar-David
  • directed by Vincent McEveety
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 2715.1: Kirk and ship's psychiatrist Dr. Noel visit a Federation mental hospital as the Enterprise delivers supplies. But one cargo container beamed aboard the ship contains an apparently insane stowaway from the facility on the planet who isn't a patient, but the second in command of the hospital's director, who has invented a device that can lock emotional impulses in or out of the brain permanently and is apparently used his invention without any discretion. Spock and the crew discover that Kirk and Dr. Noel are trapped on the planet, and are probably the next victims of the mind-altering machine.
  • Guest Cast: James Gregory (Dr. Tristan Adams), Morgan Woodward (Dr. Simon Van Gelder), Marianna Hill (Helen Noel), Susanne Wasson (Lethe), John Arndt (First Crewman), Larry Anthony (Transportation Man), Ed McCready (Inmate), Eli Behar (Therapist)

The Corbomite Maneuver
original broadcast: Nov 10, 1966

  • written by Jerry Sohl
  • directed by Joseph Sargent
  • music by Fred Steiner
  • Stardate 1512.2: The Enterprise encounters a glowing cube in space. When Kirk discovers that the cube will follow the ship or block its path, he orders the cube destroyed. At this point, an enormous vessel appears, and alien captain Balok declares that he will destroy the Enterprise in minutes. Kirk bluffs his way out by claiming that all Federation vessels have "corbomite" aboard, which he will detonate if Balok threatens the crew. Balok attempts to escape in an escape craft, but the Enterprise catches up and contacts the real Balok - a representative of an alien race whose members, in adulthood, look like human children. Lt. Bailey, whose emotional outbursts had been disrupting the already fatalistic attitude on the Enterprise, agrees to stay with Balok as an "exchange student" so he may learn more about the diversity of life in the galaxy.
  • Guest Cast: Anthony Call (Lt. Dave Bailey), Clint Howard (Balok), Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand)

The Menagerie - part I
original broadcast: Nov 17, 1966

  • written by Gene Roddenberry
  • footage from "The Cage" directed by Robert Butler
  • new footage directed by Marc Daniels
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 3012.4: The Enterprise is summoned to Starbase 6, apparently by Captain Pike, who commanded the ship before Kirk. Commodore Mendez shows Kirk, Spock and McCoy, however, that Pike was recently paralyzed in an accident and could not have signalled the Enterprise. Spock creates false messages from Kirk and sends them to the ship, instructing the crew that Spock and Pike will beam up immediately, the Enterprise will be piloted by computer to its next destination, and that Kirk will be staying behind. Kirk and Mendez follow the Enterprise in a shuttle, which runs out of fuel when Spock refuses to slow the Enterprise down so the shuttle can come aboard. Spock finally allows Kirk to catch up and then places himself under arrest. Kirk is unable to disconnect the computer from the helm, and Spock's court-martial begins. Spock offers, as evidence, visual records of a voyage on the Enterprise on which Spock and Pike served 13 years earlier. The bridge then informs Kirk and Mendez that the recording is being sent to the Enterprise from Talos IV - a planet that, according to Starfleet regulations, is absolutely off-limits to all vessels, punishable by death.
  • Guest Cast: Sean Kenney (Captain Pike), Malachi Throne (Commodore Mendez), Hagan Beggs (Ensign Hansen), Julie Parrish (Miss Piper)
  • Appearing in footage from "The Cage": Jeffrey Hunter (Capt. Christopher Pike), Susan Oliver (Vina), Majel Leigh Hudec (Number One), Peter Duryea (Lt. Tyler), John Hoyt (Dr. Boyce), Meg Wylie (The Keeper), Adam Roarke (CPO Garrison)

The Menagerie - part II
original broadcast: Nov 24, 1966

  • written by Gene Roddenberry
  • footage from "The Cage" directed by Robert Butler
  • new footage directed by Marc Daniels
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 3013.1: Spock reveals that the Keeper of Talos IV has control of the viewscreen and the evidence being presented. The screen shows the events that occurred during Pike's visit to Talos IV in great detail, but Spock has difficulty convincing Kirk and Mendez of the validity of what they are seeing as well as the tremendous power of the Talosians. When the evidence suddenly stops, Mendez orders Kirk and Pike, the ranking officers forming Spock's trial board, to make their verdict, and all find Spock guilty. The final part of the record of Pike's adventure then continues, and then Commodore Mendez vanishes from the Enterprise. The Keeper himself tells Kirk that the Mendez that accompanied him in the shuttle and the trial was an illusion projected from Talos IV, and that Pike is welcome to return to the planet and be restored, as Vina was, to his former strength and health.
  • Notes: Both parts of "The Menagerie" used footage of the original series pilot "The Cage" as the visual evidence of Pike's early mission.
  • Guest Cast: Sean Kenney (Captain Pike), Malachi Throne (Commodore Mendez), Hagan Beggs (Ensign Hansen)
  • Appearing in footage from "The Cage": Jeffrey Hunter (Capt. Christopher Pike), Susan Oliver (Vina), Majel Leigh Hudec (Number One), Peter Duryea (Lt. Tyler), John Hoyt (Dr. Boyce), Meg Wylie (The Keeper), Adam Roarke (CPO Garrison)

The Conscience of the King
original broadcast: Dec 8, 1966

  • written by Barry Trivers
  • directed by Gerd Oswald
  • music by Joseph Mullendore
  • Stardate 2817.6: Kirk is contacted by Leighton, a friend from Kirk's stay on the Tarsus IV colony years ago, who believes that Kodos the Executioner, the militant dictator who gave the order for scores of people to die on the colony during Kirk's stay, is at large once more in the guise of touring Shakespearean actor Karidian, who, with his touring company, has stopped over at Leighton's post for a performance. Kirk isn't convinced until Leighton turns up dead, leaving Kirk and Lt. Riley the only remaining living witnesses of the Tarsus IV massacre. To investigate further, Kirk invites Karidian's company to travel on the Enterprise to their next performance, and attempts on Kirk and Riley's lives begin immediately.
  • Guest Cast: Arnold Moss (Karidian), Barbara Anderson (Lenore), Bruce Hyde (Lt. Riley), Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand), William Sargent (Dr. Leighton), Natalie Norwick (Martha Leighton), David-Troy (Larry Matson), Karl Bruck (King Duncan), Marc Adams (Hamlet)

Balance of Terror
original broadcast: Dec 15, 1966

  • written by Paul Schneider
  • directed by Vincent McEveety
  • music by Fred Steiner
  • Stardate 1709.1: Responding to distress calls from border outposts along the Neutral Zone between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire, Kirk and the crew receive a final message from a Federation station reporting an attack from an invisible ship. Before the station is destroyed, it sends the Enterprise a brief view of the attacking vessel - a streamlined fighter which appears for a second when it fires. Hurrying to the scene, the Enterprise engages in battle with a Romulan Bird of Prey, armed with a cloaking device and commanded by a battle-scarred and tired commander whose crew is more eager to go into combat than he is. The Romulans, to the Enterprise crew's amazement, bear a stunning resemblance to Vulcans, which arouses suspicion in some, including Lt. Styles, whose father died in a battle with the Romulans years ago. But as long as the Romulan ship can remain invisible, the Enterprise is at a disadvantage.
  • Guest Cast: Mark Lenard (Romulan Commander), Paul Comi (Styles), Lawrence Montaigne (Decius), Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand), Stephen Mines (Lt. Tomlinson), Barbara Baldavin (Angela), Garry Walberg (Hansen), John Warburton (The Centurion)

Shore Leave
original broadcast: Dec 29, 1966

  • written by Theodore Sturgeon
  • directed by Robert Sparr
  • music by Gerald Fried
  • Stardate 3025.3: McCoy recommends a layover so the crew can rest from the constant strain of nonstop duties, and an earthlike but apparently uninhabited planet provides a perfect opportunity for shore leave, but when odd things begin happening on the surface, Kirk becomes suspicious. McCoy, after telling Sulu that the planet is like a setting from "Alice in Wonderland," spots a large rabbit followed by Alice herself. Kirk runs into his old nemesis, Academy prankster Finnegan, while Sulu discovers a police revolver that he doesn't have in his ancient firearms collection and later runs into a Samurai warrior. Mysterious tracking devices follow the crew's actions and thoughts, and whatever they happen to be thinking of seems to become real - even if it's a deadly threat, as McCoy discovers.
  • Guest Cast: Emily Banks (Tonia Barrows), Oliver McGowan (Caretaker), Perry Lopez (Rodriguez), Bruce Mars (Finnegan), Barbara Baldavin (Angela), Marcia Brown (Alice), Sebastian Tom (Warrior), Shirley Bonne (Ruth)

The Galileo Seven
original broadcast: Jan 5, 1967

  • teleplay by Oliver Crawford and S. Bar-David
  • story by Oliver Crawford
  • directed by Robert Gist
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 2821.5: A shuttle commanded by Spock crash-lands on a savage planet where members of the shuttle crew are in immediate danger from the local life forms. The Enterprise must leave the area as soon as possible to deliver a much needed vaccine to a plague-stricken planet, and Commissioner Ferris insists that Kirk leave the Galileo crew for dead and get underway to the Enterprise's next destination. Meanwhile, Spock faces a command situation where total logic and rationality may be of no use if the crew of the shuttle is to return to the Enterprise.
  • Guest Cast: Don Marshall (Boma), John Crawford (Commissioner Ferris), Peter Marko (Gaetano), Phyllis Douglas (Yeoman Mears), Rees Vaughn (Latimer), Grant Woods (Kelowitz), Buck Maffei (Creature), David Ross (Transporter Chief)

The Squire of Gothos
original broadcast: Jan 12, 1967

  • written by Paul Schneider
  • directed by Don McDougall
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 2124.5: The Enterprise crew discovers that the ship cannot escape orbit of a planet that doesn't even exist on the star charts. Kirk and a landing party beam down to the surface of the mysterious planet and their captor is revealed to be the immature but powerful Trelane, who initially seems to be a student of ancient Earth history (as demonstrated by his 17th century mansion, clothes and furnishings). Kirk, discovering that Trelane's hold on the Enterprise comes from a power far beyond 23rd century technology, must try to beat Trelane at his own game, but Trelane rewrites the rules constantly to make sure he's winning.
  • Guest Cast: William Campbell (Trelane), Richard Carlyle (Jaeger), Michael Barrier (DeSalle), Venita Wolf (Teresa)

original broadcast: Jan 19, 1967

  • teleplay by Gene L. Coon
  • from a story by Frederic Brown
  • directed by Joseph Pevney
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 3045.6: Arriving at a Federation planet at the request of a starbase director, the Enterprise finds a devastated world with only one survivor, who reveals that any summons Kirk received to visit the planet must have been a trap. The Enterprise locates and pursues an alien vessel right past the borders of the apparently omnipotent Metrons, who halt the ensuing battle and force Kirk and the captain of the other vessel - a huge, reptilian Gorn - to settle their differences in hand-to-hand combat...a prospect which immediately leaves Kirk at a disadvantage. Should he lose, the crew of the Enterprise will be destroyed.
  • Guest Cast: Jerry Ayres (O'Herlihy), Grant Woods (Kelowitz), Tom Troupe (Lt. Harold), James Farley (Lang), Carole Shelyne (Metron), Sean Kenney (DePaul)

Tomorrow Is Yesterday
original broadcast: Jan 26, 1967

  • written by D.C. Fontana
  • directed by Michael O'Herlihy
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 3113.2: Accidentally swinging around the sun into a time warp, the Enterprise's crew recover from their turbulent journey and find themselves in Earth's atmosphere in the 1960s over North America. Jets are dispatched to bring the "UFO" down, and one is caught in the ship's tractor beam and begins to break apart. The pilot, Captain John Christopher, is beamed out of his plane before it disintegrates and is welcomed to the Enterprise as the crew prepares to return to the 23rd century. Kirk tells Christopher that he cannot be returned to his own time because he has seen too much of the future, but Spock discovers that Christopher will have a son who will be very important to the history of the space program and Christopher must be returned to 20th century Earth.
  • Guest Cast: Roger Perry (Major Chistopher), Hal Lynch (Air Police Sergeant), Richard Merrifield (Technician), John Winston (Transporter Chief), Ed Peck (Col. Fellini), Mark Dempsey (Air Force Captain), Jim Spencer (Air Policeman), Sherri Townsend (Crew Woman)

original broadcast: Feb 2, 1967

  • teleplay by Don M. Mankiewicz and Steven W. Carabatsos
  • story by Don M. Mankiewicz
  • directed by Marc Daniels
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 2947.3: Kirk is accused of murder when the Enterprise's records officer, Lt. Commander Finney, is apparently jettisoned during a violent ion storm which threatened the ship. Kirk insists that he gave Finney even more time than safely allowed to get out of the jettisoned ion pod, yet the Enterprise computer's records show that Kirk discarded the pod, and Finney, while only at yellow alert when there was no sign of actual danger. Kirk challenges the findings of the computer and is court-martialed, with accusations that earlier rivalries with Finney when both were new officers caused Kirk to act maliciously - and even Kirk's attorney, Cogley, may not be able to convince the court that the error may have been the computer's.
  • Guest Cast: Percy Rodriguez (Portmaster Stone), Elisha Cook (Samuel T. Cogley), Joan Marshall (Areel Shaw), Richard Webb (Lt. Commander Ben Finney), Hagan Beggs (Helmsman), Winston DeLugo (Timothy), Alice Rawlings (Jame Finney), Nancy Wong (Personnel Officer), Bart Conrad (Krasnovsky), William Meader (Board Officer), Reginald Lal Singh (Board Officer)

Return of the Archons
original broadcast: Feb 9, 1967

  • teleplay by Boris Sobelman
  • story by Gene Roddenberry
  • directed by Joseph Pevney
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 3156.2: Sulu and another crewman are investigating a primitive but ancient-Earth-like alien culture incognito, but their disguise is blown and they're running for their lives. The Enterprise can't beam Sulu up in time, and he is hit by a weapon on the planet which leaves him under the control of something or someone called Landru. Kirk and Spock beam down, finding the planet's people engaged in unusual rituals, and also finding out from some of the locals that Landru has complete control over most everyone on the planet, aside from a small resistance effort. What begins as an effort to free the people on the planet becomes a matter of survival when Kirk and Spock become hunted by Landru's "puppets."
  • Guest Cast: Harry Townes (Reger), Torin Thatcher (Marplon), Brioni Farrell (Tula), Sid Haig (First Lawgiver), Charles Macaulay (Landru), Jon Lormer (Tamar), Morgan Farley (Hacom), Christopher Held (Lindstorm), Sean Morgan (O'Neil), Ralph Maurer (Bilar), David L. Ross (Guard)

Space Seed
original broadcast: Feb 16, 1967

  • teleplay by Gene L. Coon and Carey Wilbur
  • story by Carey Wilbur
  • directed by Marc Daniels
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 3141.9: The Enterprise discovers a derelict vessel which turns out to be an Earth ship dating back to a series of wars in the 1990s in which Earth's population was threatened by a group of genetically engineered superhuman beings. The inhabitants of the rogue ship, though they try to conceal the fact at every opportunity, are the only surviving oppressors from that war. Their leader, Khan, wishes to resume their reign of terror, beginning with a takeover of the Enterprise.
  • Guest Cast: Ricardo Montalban (Khan), Madlyn Rhue (Marla), Blaisdell Makee (Spinelli), Mark Tobin (Joaquin), Kathy Ahart (Crew Woman), John Winston (Transporter Chief Kyle)
  • Note: "Seed" for the film "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan."

A Taste of Armageddon
original broadcast: Feb 23, 1967

  • teleplay by Robert Hammer and Gene L. Coon
  • story by Robert Hammer
  • directed by Joseph Pevney
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 3192.1: The Enterprise visits the twin planets of Eminiar VII and Vendikar so Ambassador Fox may approach their governments about joining the Federation. When they beam down to Eminiar 7, Kirk, Spock and the rest of their landing party are informed that the Enterprise has been struck by enemy missiles and Kirk's party, along with the rest of the crew, have been declared casualties. Investigating further, Kirk discovers that the war between the two planets is controlled by computers, which determine the damage done and the fatalities caused by the attacks, and assigns citizens to report to disintegration machines, which they do willingly. Kirk is trapped on the planet, but Ambassador Fox thinks he can remedy the situation and beams down unarmed against Scotty's advice.
  • Guest Cast: David Opatoshu (Anan 7), Gene Lyons (Ambassador Fox), Barbara Babcock (Mea 3), Miko Mayama (Tamula), David L. Ross (Galloway), Sean Kenney (DePaul), Robert Sampson (Sar 6)

This Side Of Paradise
original broadcast: Mar 2, 1967

  • teleplay by D.C. Fontana
  • story by Nathan Butler and D.C. Fontana
  • directed by Ralph Serensky
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 3417.3: Investigating a colony whose settlers should be, but for some reason are not, threatened by radiation, Kirk and a landing party beam down to investigate. McCoy diagnoses the colonists as being in fine health and none of them wish to leave, no matter how much danger they are in. Spock, with Leila, an old acquaintance who has a crush on him, is infested by spores from a plant while examining the colony grounds. McCoy also soon falls victims to the spores, which leave their victims - even Spock - in a stupor with no desire to leave...and Kirk is left with a ship and no crew.
  • Guest Cast: Jill Ireland (Leila), Frank Overton (Elias Sandoval), Grant Woods (Kelowitz), Michael Barrier (DeSalle), Dick Scotter (Painter), Eddie Paskey (Crewman)

Devil in the Dark
original broadcast: Mar 9, 1967

  • written by Gene L. Coon
  • directed by Joseph Pevney
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 3196.1: A mining colony reports a number of mysterious deaths just after they successfully dig to a lower level of a planetoid believed to be uninhabited. The Enterprise arrives, and Kirk, Spock and security officers from the ship begin a hunt for whoever or whatever is responsible for the growing body count. An amorphous creature capable of burning through the indigenous rock is found to be the cause of the deaths as well as a very well-thought out sabotage of the miners' life support systems. Through a mind-meld, Spock communicates with the being - known as the Horta - and finds that it is the last of its kind, a mother laying eggs in the tunnels and caves it builds for itself. But the humans have been discovering and destroying the eggs, and if the Horta cannot bring herself to negotiate with the miners, one party or the other faces extinction.
  • Guest Cast: Ken Lynch (Vanderberg), Brad Weston (Appel), Biff Elliot (Schmitter), George E. Allen (Engineer #1), Jon Cavett (Guard), Barry Russo (Giotto)

Errand of Mercy
original broadcast: Mar 23, 1967

  • written by Gene L. Coon
  • directed by John Newland
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 3198.4: A sudden attack by the Klingons on a vulnerable neutral sector - a location of great strategic importance - puts the Enterprise on red alert, as the threat of a catastrophic war between the Klingon Empire and the Federation looms. Kirk and Spock beam down to Organia, the planet whose security is at risk due to the Klingon threat, and find that the inhabitants, who appear to be humans who have reached the medieval period of sociological and technological development, are not at all concerned that their world is currently being overrun by Klingon troops. Kirk and Spock try to conceal their identities, but fail, leaving Kirk and Klingon Captain Kor at each others' throats - until the Organians reveal their true nature and intervene in the impending war.
  • Guest Cast: John Abbott (Ayelbourne), John Colicos (Kor), Peter Brocco (Claymare), Victor Lundiw (Lieutenant), David Hillary Hughes (Trefayne), Walt Davis (Klingon Soldier), George Sawaya (Second Soldier)

The Alternative Factor
original broadcast: Mar 30, 1967

  • written by Don Ingalls
  • directed by Gerd Oswald
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 3087.6: The Enterprise encounters brief but intense turbulence after entering orbit above an uninhabited world. Kirk leads a landing party to the surface to investigate any possible connection between the planet and the disturbance, and they find a man named Lazarus, who, though he seems healthy and normal, claims to be fighting his own equivalent from a universe of antimatter. Lazarus proves to be a threat to the Enterprise's security, and the increasing blasts of turbulence seem to confirm Lazarus's story that he has a powerful enemy in another dimension.
  • Guest Cast: Robert Brown (Lazarus), Janet MacLachlan (Charlene Masters), Richard Deer (Barstow), Arch Whiting (Asst. Engineer), Christian Patrick (Transporter Chief), Eddie Paskey (Lesley)

The City On The Edge Of Forever
original broadcast: Apr 6, 1967

  • written by Harlan Ellison
  • directed by Joseph Pevney
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 3134.0: McCoy accidentally receives an overdose of cordrazine as the Enterprise encounters turbulence. He beams down to an unexplored world where he enters a time-travel device known as the Guardian of Forever and changes history in the 1930s. Kirk and Spock also return to the 30s, where Kirk falls in love with peace activist Edith Keeler. When McCoy is finally located, Kirk must allow history to run its course, resulting in Edith's death, or he will leave history altered irrevocably, with no chance of returning to the future or the Enterprise.
  • Guest Cast: Joan Collins (Sister Edith Keeler), John Harmon (Rodent), Hal Baylor (Policeman), David L. Ross (Galloway), John Winston (Transporter Chief Kyle), Bartell La Rue (Guardian voice)

Operation: Annihilate!
original broadcast: Apr 13, 1967

  • written by Steven W. Carabatsos
  • directed by Herschel Daugherty
  • music by Alexander Courage
  • Stardate 3287.2: The Enterprise witnesses a smaller ship diving into the sun of Deneva under the control of a pilot who seems to have intentionally killed himself. This confirms Kirk's worst fears, that a seemingly contagious outbreak of insanity on several other worlds has spread to Deneva, where his brother lives. On the surface, many are found to be dead - including Kirk's brother - and an unknown species of alien parasite is found to be responsible. In trying to gather data on them, Spock is attacked and taken over by one, and, like the people of Deneva and several other planets, starts to go mad. Spock's condition also presents McCoy with the first opportunity to learn more about both the creature and its victim, and Spock may have to die if the crew is to learn any more about the creatures to prevent them from spreading further into human territory.
  • Guest Cast: Joan Swift (Aurelan), Maurishka (Yeoman Zahra), Majel Barrett (Christine Chapel), Craig Hundley (Peter), Fred Carson (First Devenvan), Jerry Catron (Second Denevan)


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