Amanda Rogers

Member of the Q continuum who was raised as a human. Rogers was unaware of her extraordinary powers until just before she went aboard the Enterprise-D in 2369 as a student intern. Amanda's final act was to clean the air pollution from planet Tagra IV before leaving with Q to discover her new identity. ("True Q")

from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Amanda Rogers

Amanda Rogers   Amanda Rogers

Amanda Rogers

Memorable Quotes

"I just saw my parents, my real parents"


"Ever since I got here I've been fighting this. I've been denying the truth. Denying what I am. I am Q"   218KB

"What do you do with this power? " Q: "Anything we want"...   265KB

"I couldn't let all those people die"   34KB

"My feelings are real" Riker: "I know but you can't make someone love you" Amanda: "Can't I?"   224KB

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