Amanda Sarek

Ambassador Sarek's human wife and mother to Spock. Amanda came aboard the Enterprise in 2267 with her husband, Sarek, who was attending the Babel Conference ("Journey to Babel").

Amanda helped Spock reeducate following his fal-tor-pan refusion in 2285. She tried especially to her her son rediscover the human portion of his personality (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home).

Although not canon, it is believed that Amanda's maiden name was Grayson.
from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Amanda with Sarek Amanda with Spock & Dr. McCoy at reception

Amanda and Sarek being welcomed aboard the Enterprise Amanda with Sarek, Spock, Dr. McCoy & Captain Kirk at reception

Amanda with Spock

Amanda and Sarek around the time of Voyage Home Amanda with Sarek, & Spock around the time of Voyage Home


Picture below from a terrific Danish Star Trek Fan Site


Memorable Quotes

"Logic! I'm sick to death of logic!"


Spock, the retraining of your mind .....   226K

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