Angela Martine

Phaser control officer aboard the original Enterprise during the Romulan incursion of 2266. Martine had been engaged to marry Robert Tomlinson, but their wedding was interrupted by the news of the attack on the Romulan Neutral Zone outposts. Her fiance was killed during that conflict. ("Balance of Terror")
Martine was on the landing party to the amusement park planet in 2267. She was apparently killed by an old-style airplane making a strafing run, an image conjured up by fellow crew member Esteban Rodriguez. Martine was later restored to health by the planet's Caretaker. ("Shore Leave")
from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Star Trek - Angela Martine   Star Trek - Angela Martine

Star Trek - Angela Martine

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Angela Martine   Angela Martine

Memorable Quotes

"You won't get away from me that easily. I'm going to marry you mister, battle or phaser weapons not withstanding"

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