A Ba'ku woman. She, like most of her fellow Ba'ku, is more than three hundred years old. The Ba'ku seem at first to be a simple race of only six hundred people, living in one village on their isolated world. But when Picard meets Anij , he gradually learns that there is more to her people than meets the eye. The Ba'ku, are very intelligent and highly developed. Anij is initially both fascinated by and suspicious of Captain Picard -- there is a kind of challenge of minds from the moment they meet.

She learns to trust Picard and the other Enterprise members who save her people and way of life. ("Star Trek: Insurrection")


Memorable Quotes


"I wonder if you're aware of the trust you engender, Jean-Luc Picard..."   236KB

"Who wouldn't be tempted by the promise of perpetual youth?"   54KB

... "Your Directive apparently doesn't include spying on other cultures"   200KB

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