Daughter of Klingon chancellor Gorkon, Azetbur ascended to lead the Klingon High Council after the assassination of her father in 2293. As chancellor, Azetbur continued Gorkon's peace initiative with the Federation, concluding with the historic Khitomer peace accords. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)
from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Azetbu with Colonel Worf


Memorable Quotes

"You've restored my father's faith"


"... You will make no attempt to rescue them... We would consider any such attempt an act of war"   286KB

"I've been named Chancellor by the High Council in my father's place"   56KB

"Kirk will pay for my father's death"   47KB

"The Federation is no more than a homo sapiens only club"   84KB

"You've restored my father's faith"   67KB

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