Borg Queen

Leader of the Borg that go back in time to assimilate earth and to prevent first contact between alien life forms and humans.

When the Enterprise interferes with their efforts, she attempts to take over the Enterprise.

The Borg Queen introduces herself to a captured Data, claiming that she is the Collective. Reactivating Data's emotion chip, the Borg begin to graph organic, human skin onto the android's arm. As Data is overcome by this new human sensation of touch, something he never thought possible.

Aware of Data's desire to become human, the Borg Queen offers him the chance to be entirely covered in human flesh and join the Borg, in an attempt to get the encryption codes from Data so she can obtain total control over the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Picard confronts the Borg Queen, whom he knows from his experience with the Borg. The queen reminds Picard that it was not enough that he was assimilated, but that he needed to give himself freely to the Borg. -- she wished him to stand by her side as an equal to further the power of the Collective. Picard offers himself in exchange for Data, but the android does not comply. He refuses to leave, and at the queen's command, disarms the self-destruct sequence. He quickly enters the encryption codes, offering full control of the starship Enterprise to the Borg.

At the Borg Queen's order, Data fires, but the missiles fail to hit the Phoenix. His deception of the Borg complete, Data smashes a conduit, releasing a gas that floods engineering, killing all organic material. As the Borg are destroyed, Picard climbs to safety and the Borg Queen falls into the deadly gas. ("Star Trek: First Contact")

Borg Queen

Borg Queen

Borg Queen

Memorable Quotes

"Watch your future's end"

"Was that good for you?"

"Such a noble creature. A quality we sometimes lack"


"Watch your future's end" (97K)

"We will add your distinctiveness to our own" (47K)

"Brave words. I've heard them before from thousands of species across thousands of worlds... but now they are all Borg" (255K)

"Do you always talk this much?" Data: "Not always. But often" (95K)

"As you can see I've already found an equal" (49K)

"Was that good for you?" (53K)

"I am the Borg" (23K)

"Such a noble creature. A quality we sometimes lack" (110K)

"I bring order to chaos" (38K)

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