Christine Chapel

Nurse Chapel

Christine Chapel began her medical career aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, sacrificing a biology career with several university degrees in research medicine to search for her lost fiance, Dr. Roger Korby, who had been missing for five years, ever since his last communication on Exo III. When Korby was found on Exo III in 2266 and subsequently discovered to be an android, Chapel elects to remain with the starship, where she became good friends with Uhura and a good friend to Dr. McCoy.

Emotionally, her early shipboard life, as admitted when infected with the Psi 2000 virus, was marked by an acknowledged unrequited love for Spock - a ongoing issue which never interfered with her professional duties. Upon completion of the five-year mission she finished her own medical degree and was slated by 2270 to be CMO on the refit U.S.S. Enterprise under Will Decker. Even so, she willingly stepped down to allow McCoy's return as CMO for the V'Ger crisis with Kirk.

Some 15 years later, Chapel had won commander's bars by the time she oversaw responses to the whale-song aliens' "invasion" as director of Starfleet Emergency Operations. Shortly thereafter, she had contacted Sarek about speaking on Kirk's behalf during his inquiry before the Federation Council for theft and disobeying direct orders related to the Genesis device and rescue of Spock's body and "katra."

Christine Chapel, MD

Final Rank: Commander

Assignment: Director of Emergency Operations, Starfleet

Full Name: Christine Chapel

Education: Nursing school, Starfleet Medical

Starfleet Career Summary

2366 -- As brevet ensign, signed aboard U.S.S. Enterprise of Capt. James T. Kirk as nurse

2367 -- Became head nurse to Enterprise Chief Medical Officer Leonard McCoy, MD.

2371 -- After five-year mission, promotion to lieutenant and completion of medical degree, named CMO to Capt. Will Decker on refit U.S.S. Enterprise until relinquishing title to McCoy for V'Ger crisis

2386 -- As a commander, directed Starfleet Emergency Operations in wake of whale-song aliens

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Memorable Quotes

"Mr. Spock and I shared consciousness"
Return to Tomorrow

"I have called the Captain
& I'll wait until he comes!"
For The World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

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