Edith Keeler

American social worker from Earth's 1930s who helped victims of the Great Depression. Keeler was an idealistic believer in humanity who worked to help those in her care survive for the future that she foresaw. Keeler, who died in an automobile acident in 1931, was a focal point in the flow of time. When Dr. McCoy, accidentally in Earth's past, prevented her death, he unknowlingly changed the course of Earth history. Keeler became a strong advocate for peace, delaying the United States' entry into World War II long enough for Nazi Germany to develop weapons that permitted Hitler to conquer the world. In this altered future, the Starship Enterprise did not explore the cosmos in the 23rd century. Kirk and Spock, who followed McCoy into the past, were forced to allow Keeler's death to restore the shape of time. This task was made infinitely more difficult when Kirk fell in love with Keeler. ("The City on the Edge of Forever")
from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Edith Keeler with Captain Kirk

Edith Keeler
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Edith Keeler   Edith Keeler
Edith Keeler   Edith Keeler
Edith Keeler   Edith Keeler

Memorable Quotes

"A lie is a very poor way to say hello"


Some day soon, man will be able to harness great energies .....   598K

A lie is a very poor way to say hello   39K

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