Dr. Elizabeth Dehner

Psychologist assigned to the Enterprise in 2265 to study the crew's reactions to crisis situations. Dehner became mutated, along with Lt. Commander Gary Mitchell, into a godlike being. Dehner and Mitchell were later killed when Enterprise captain, Kirk, sought to quarantine them on planet Delta Vega. Both were later listed as having given their lives in the line of duty. ("Where No Man Has Gone Before")
from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Elizabeth Dehner   Elizabeth Dehner

Dr. Dehner with Gary Mitchell Dr. Dehner with Captain Kirk

Dr. Dehner with Gary Mitchell

Pictures below from a terrific Danish Star Trek Fan Site

Elizabeth Dehner   Elizabeth Dehner
Elizabeth Dehner   Elizabeth Dehner

Memorable Quotes

"You don't know what it's like to almost be a god"


Yes, it just took a little longer to happen to me   54K

Before long we'll be where it would've taken mankind millions of years to reach...   153K

What do you know about gods?   33K

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