Helena Rozhenko

Worf's adoptive mother. Helena and her husband, Sergey, faced the considerable challenges of raising a Klingon child in a human environment. Helena even learned to make Klingon Rokeg blood pie. They loved their child enough to make a deliberate choice to allow young Worf to find his own Path. ("Family")

Helena and Sergey lived for a time on the farm world of Gault, but later moved to Earth. The Rozhenkos had another, biological, son, who entered Starfleet Academy at the same time as Worf, but found it not to his liking. ("Heart of Gloray")

Helena and Sergey accepted custody of Worf's son, Alexander Rozhenko, after the death of K'Ehleyr in 2367. ("Reunion")

They returned to Earth to care for Alexander, but after a year found that the child had difficulty adapting to life in human society. They realized that Alexander needed his father, so they returned the child to the Enterprise-D in 2368. ("New Ground")

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Helena Rozhenko

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