Kathryn Janeway

wav files

Captain Janeway

"Thank you. I appreciate your efforts." 49 kb

"I'm only in the mood for good news today, Ambassador" 56 kb

"Battlestations!" 29 kb

"Sometimes First Contact is last contact" 62 kb

"Consider yourself drafted" 38 kb

"We're going to war" 25 kb

"I wonder how long it's been since I've done anthing that surprised you?" 67 kb

"I don't recall giving you a promotion today" 47 kb

"It's like stone knives & bearskins" 97 kb

"You never brought me tea" 67 kb

"I don't respond well to threats" 60 kb

"I never realized you thought of me as reckless, Tuvok . . ." 201 kb

"Target their cargo hold, time to take out the garbage" 90 kb

"Go back to hell, coward!" 71 kb

"Don't 13 department heads report to you everyday?" "Yes" "Well, straighten them out" "Shall I flog them as well?" conversation with Tuvok 183 kb

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