Janice Lester

Federation scientist who discovered an extraordinary life-energy transfer device among the archaeological ruins on planet Camus II in 2269. Shortly thereafter, Lester conspired to kill nearly all of her colleagues on the planet, then used the device to place her mind into the body of Captain James T. Kirk. Lester and Kirk had been romantically involved years before at Starfleet Academy, but she bitterly resented the fact that she was not able to attain command of a starship. ("Turnabout Intruder").
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Janice Lester

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Janice Lester

Janice Lester   Janice Lester
Janice Lester   Janice Lester
Janice Lester   Janice Lester
Janice Lester   Janice Lester

Memorable Quotes

"Your world of starship Captains doesn't admit women"


"Your world of starship Captains doesn't admit women"   78 kb

"Love? Him? I love the life he lead. The power of a starship commander. It's my life now"   181 kb

"I've lost to the Captain! I've lost to James Kirk!... I'm never going to be the Captain"   356 kb

"Believe me it's better to be dead than to live alone in the body of a woman..."   154 kb

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