A native of the Krios system, Kamala was an empathic metamorph, the first born on her world in a century. Raised from childhood to fulfill her role as an instrument of peace, kamala was fated to we Chancelor Alrik of Valt Minor. kamala was a beautiful woman, and her ability to change into whatever a potential mate desired made her extremely alluring. When she came aboard the Enterprise-D Kamala was in the final stages of the Finiis'ral stage of sexual maturity. This caused some disruptions aboard the ship. Kamala was intended to bond to Alrik, but when circumstances put her in close contact with Captain Picard, she bonded to him. kamala said she liked the way she was when she was with Picard, and added that there was no greater joy for a metamorph. But Kamala had learned a sense of duty from her bonding with Picard, and chose to go through with the ceremony, to seal the peace for her people. ("The Perfect Mate")

from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Kamala   Kamala

Memorable Quotes

"I am for you, Alrik of Valt "


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