Kira Nerys

wav files

Major Kira Nerys

"Don't you think it's time you called me Nerys?" 49 kb

"I'm Major Kira Nerys first officer of this station" 49 kb

"We used to have a saying in the Resistance. If you're not fighting them you're helping them" 68 kb

"When I give an order I expect you to follow it. No questions asked" 65 kb

"Who am I to argue with the Emissary?" 33 kb

"What do you mean you love me?" Odo: "Is it so hard to believe?" 98 kb

"Shields up. Forward phasers standing by" 44 kb

"If that's a threat, I'm not impressed" 80 kb

"If you don't take that hand off my hip, you'll never be able to raise a glass with it again!" 48 kb

"As a major in the Bajoran militia......" 146 kb

". . .I officially welcome you to DS9" 159 kb

"You are really enjoying this, aren't you?" 73 kb

"Another satisfied customer Quark?" 41 kb

"I have been fighting for Bajoran independence since I was old enough to pick up a phaser" 115 kb

"I know you want Tom Riker to go out in a blaze of glory that they'll talk about for the next ten years" 96 kb

"I need you Odo" 31 kb

"I promise you Dukat I will make you pay for all of this one day..." 160 kb

"I will destroy this station before I ever give it back to the Cardassians" 133 kb

"Next time I see Dukat I'm gonna kill him" 40 kb

"Terrorists don't get to be heroes" 41 kb

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