Daughter to Data, a Soong-type android constructed by Data aboard the Enterprise-D in 2366. Lal had a positronic brain onto which Data replicated much of his own neural pathways. Initially built with a featureless humanoid body, Lal chose to assume the form of a human female. Despite the fact that both Lal and Data shared the same basic programming, Lal's behavioral programs quickly exceeded those of her father, thus demonstrating her ability to learn and grow. Lal became the focus of a heated custody battle when Admiral Haftel attempted to order Data to release Lal to the Daystrom Institute annex on Galor IV. Haftel, recognizing the extraordinary value of a new Soon-type androide, believed it imperative that Lal be studied in a controlled environment under the guidance of cybernetics specialists. Data took considerable exception to this view, believing it his responsibility, as a parent, to care for the new life-form that he had created. The question became moot when Lal experienced a fatal systemwide cascade failure after having lived only a little over two weeks. During that brief time, Lal's positronic networks grew to the point where she was able to experience emotions, love for her father, and sadness at her own impending death. The name, Lal, chosen by Data for his child, is Hindi for "beloved". ("The Offspring")

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Lal   Lal

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