Dr. Leah Brahms

A graduate of the Daystrom Institute of Technology, Dr. Leah Brahms was part of an engineering design team on the Galaxy-Class Starship Development Project at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in the early 2360s. Brahms made major contributions to the Theoretical Propulsion Group, far beyond her official role as a junior team member, and was responsible for much of the warp engine design on the Starship Enterprise-D. In an attempt to learn more about the engine design of the Enterprise-D, Commander La Forge re-created Dr. Brahms' image in the holodeck. While he did learn a great deal about the engines, Commander La Forge also, unfortunately, developed a real attraction for Dr. Brahms' image. ("Booby Trap")

By 2367, Brahms had been promoted to senior design engineer of the Theoretical Propulsion Group. Brahms visited the Enterprise-D in that year to inspect the field modifications made to that ship's engines by Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge. Much to La Forge's dismay, Brahms was highly critical of La Forge's work. Brahms also strongly objected to La Forge's having programmed a holographic replica of herself, ntoing that doing so without her permission constituted an invasion of privacy. Nevertheless, the two enginees pulled together in a crisis and became friends. ("Galaxy's Child")

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Editor's Note: It is believed that later Brahms and La Forge married

Leah Brahms   Leah Brahms

Leah Brahms

Leah Brahms

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"I'm with you all the time, Geordi"


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