Lenore Karidian

Daughter of Anton Karidian aka Kodos the Executioner. Born in 2247, about a year after Kodos' massacre at the Taurus IV colony. Although her father attempted to shield her from the crimes he had committed before her birth, Lenore not only learned about her father's past, but systematically attempted to murder all nine surviving witnesses of her father's crimes. Deemed criminally insane, Lenore Karidian was imprisoned for treatment following her attempt on the lives of Captain James Kirk and Lieutenant Kevin Riley, durin which her father was accidentally killed. ("The Conscience of the King")
from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Captain Kirk with Lenore and Anton Karidian, the principal members of the Karidian Players

Lenore Karidian

Pictures below from a terrific Danish Star Trek Fan Site

Lenore Karidian   Lenore Karidian
Lenore Karidian   Lenore Karidian
Lenore Karidian   Lenore Karidian

Memorable Quotes

"A Caesar of the stars"
flirting with Captain Kirk

"All this power, surging and throbbing, yet under control"
referring to the Enterprise


And this ship. All this power surging and throbbing. Yet under control   129KB

"... with the soul of the great Karidian giving performances at every star he touches"   292KB

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