Lily Sloane

Associate of Dr. Zefram Cochrane in 2063. She first encounters the crew of the Enterprise after the Borg attack. She initially believes Data and Picard to be members of a coalition that broke the cease-fire after World War III. She shoots at them in a rage, but impervious to bullets, Data approaches Lily. Overcome by fear and radiation, she falls to the ground. Dr. Crusher diagnoses Lily with radiation sickness caused by the damaged Phoenix, and inoculates the entire crew. Against Picard's better judgment, Crusher takes Lily to sickbay.

When the Borg attack sickbay, Crusher, her staff, and Lily escape through a Jeffries tube, thanks to a distraction by the ship's Emergency Medical Hologram. While Crusher leads the group down the passageway, Lily steals away in a different direction.

Face to face with Picard in a Jeffries tube, Lily steals his phaser and demands an explanation and escape route. Picard agrees, and shows her where they are. She meekly gives him back the phaser.

Lily and Picard wander through the service deck as the captain attempts to explain what has happened between Lily's time and his own. She begins to calm down until they suddenly run into a Borg-infested area. Quickly escaping in the Holodeck, Picard activates a Dixon Hill program. At a dance, he and Lily try to blend in without being noticed by the Borg. Following the Holodeck's story, Picard searches for Nicky the Nose and takes his machine gun. Killing the Borg with the gun, Picard retrieves the memory chip that contains all of the information the Borg has received. Lily then notices that the two dead Borg were once crewmembers of the Starship Enterprise.

Lily and Picard join the rest of the surviving crew and discover that the Borg are outside of the ship.

An argument ensues aboard the starship Enterprise as the majority of the senior officers believe that they should evacuate the ship, destroying it and the Borg. Picard won't give up, and insists they stay. Challenged by Worf, Picard orders him off the Bridge. Lily follows Picard into his ready room and demands that he explain his obsession with fighting the Borg. Picard declares he won't sacrifice the starship, and swears to finally make the Borg pay for all they've done. Lily quietly and calmly compares Picard to Captain Ahab, forever fighting his white wale -- the Borg. Realizing that this fight could only destroy himself and his crew, Picard decides to evacuate the ship.

Lily and Picard say good-bye and the captain goes to save Data.

Lily is later reunited with Picard on Earth after the Borg are destroyed and the Vulcans land and make First Contact. They say their true good-byes at that time. ("Star Trek: First Contact")

Lily Sloane

Lily Sloane   Lily Sloane

Memorable Quotes

"It's my first ray gun"

"Watch your caboose"

"You broke your little ships"


"..It's my first ray gun" (115K)

"Jean Luc, blow up the damned ship!" (58K)

"You do have books in the 24th century?" (42K)

"You broke your little ships" (29K)

"Captain Ahab has to go hunt his whale!" (50K)

"It's so simple. The Borg hurt you and now you're going to hurt them back" (89K)

"Borg? Sounds Swedish" (39K)

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