Science officer aboard Kang's Klingon battle cruiser in 2268. Mara, who was Kang's wife, was among the victims of the Beta XII-A entity. ("Day of the Dove")
from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

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Mara   Mara

Memorable Quotes

"We are hunters, Captain."


Kang what has happened?" Kang: "More Federation treachery. We are prisoners   98K

What will they do to us? I've heard of their atrocities. Their death camps...   195K

We have always fought. We must. We are hunters Captain. Tracking and taking what we need   154K

There are poor planets in the Klingon systems. We must push outward if we are to survive   210K

I will take you to Kang. I will add my voice to yours   82K

Kang I am your wife. I'm a Klingon   97K

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