Commissioner Nancy Hedford

Assistant Federation commissioner who was assigned to mediate a peace agreement on planet Epsilon Canaris III in 2267 in an effort to avert an impending war. Hedford was forced to leave the negotiations prematurely when she contracted deadly Sakuro's disease. Commissioner Hedford "died" on a planetoid after being transported on the Shuttlecraft Galileo en route to the Enterprise. Hedford, of course, did not die, but merged with the life-form known as the Companion, on a planetoid in the Gamma Canaris region, where she found love with noted scientist Zefram Cochrane.
from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Pictures below from a terrific Danish Star Trek Fan Site

Commissioner Nancy Hedford   Commissioner Nancy Hedford
Commissioner Nancy Hedford   Commissioner Nancy Hedford
Commissioner Nancy Hedford   Commissioner Nancy Hedford

Memorable Quotes

"How perceptive of you to notice I needed one!"
in response to Cochrane's offer of a bath

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