Admiral Nechayev

Starfleet senior officer who was responsible for the handling of the Celtris III incident in 2369. ("Chain of Command, Parts I & II")

Nechayev blasted Picard for his decision to return the Borg known as Hugh to the Borg collective without also sending the invasive program developed by the Enterprise-D personnel. Picard protested that using the program, effectively a genocidal weapon of mass destruction, would be a violation of Starfleet's principles, but Nechayev, frearing a mass invasion by the Borg, ordered him to use the weapon if another opportunity presented itself. ("Descent, Part I")

from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Editor's Note: Nechayev has also had dealings with the DS9 crew, as well as additional dealings with the Enterprise crew

Admiral Nechayev   Admiral Nechayev

Memorable Quotes

"I made that request 2 days ago, Captain, it was turned down"


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