Lt. Commander Neela Daren

Enterprise-D scientist who headed the ship's Stellar Cartography department in 2369. An accomplished pianist, Lieutenant Commander Neela Daren discovered that Captain Jean-Luc Picard played a Ressikan flute, and the two enjoyed playing duets together. Their mutual appreciation for music soon blossomed into a romantic relationshiip. When a fierce firestorm threatened lives on planet Bersallis III, Neela Daren was chosen to supervise . Commander Daren and several other cre members risked their lives by operating the deflectors manually so all colonists could be safely transported to the ship. After the incident, it became obvious to both that it would be extremely difficult to continue their relationship because Picard would hesitate to place her in danger again. Each refusing to give up their professions, Neela Daren requested a transfer off the Enterprise-D. ("Lessons")

from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Neela Daren   Neela Daren   Neela Daren

Memorable Quotes

"It's so good "
referring to Picard's music

"Of course we'd hold our positions"


"For a minute there, I thought I'd misread you. One kiss and you're off to find somebody else"   104KB

"Well, Captain, now that I'm on your ship, maybe you should start expecting the unexpected."   77KB

"Guess the Captain and I overdid it a little last night."   78KB

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