Wife to Vulcan ambassador Sarek during the final years of his life. A human woman, fiercely devoted to her husband, Perrin sought to protect Sarek from the knowledge that he suffered from Bendii Syndrome, a disease that strips away emotional control. Perrin persuaded Captain Jean-Luc Picard to enter into a mind-meld with Sarek, permitting Picard's emotional strength to support the ambassador long enough for him to conclude the historic Legaran talks in 2366, the final triumph of Sark's career. ("Sarek")

Perrin continued to care for her husband during Sarek's final months, as he suffered from the degenerative effects of Bendii Syndrome. Perrin harbored resentment toward Spock, who publicly opposed Sarek's position during the Cardassian wars, and who left for Romulus during Sarek's illness without saying goodbye. ("Unification, Part I")

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