Captain Rachel Garrett

Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise-C. Garrett, along with the Enterprise-C, vanished from her "proper" timeline in 2344, when a torpedo explosion near Narendra III opened up a temporal rift, emergin in 2366.

This disappearance created an alternate timeline in which the Klingon Empire was at war with the Federation. In this altered future, Garrett was killed in a Klingon attack. Lieutenant Richard Castillo subsequently assumed command of the Enterprise-C, returning it to its proper time so that history could be restored. ("Yesterday's Enterprise")

from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Captain Rachel Garrett

Memorable Quotes

"Nonsense, doctor's always over-protect their patients."

"Captain, I would be lying to you if I told you there was a chance in hell of coming out of this alive."

"You don't belong in our timeline anymore than we belong in yours."

"Mr. Casillo, inform the crew, we're going back "

"The Romulans will get a good fight, we'll make it one for the history books."


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