Janice Rand

Episode Appearances

Yeoman Rand

Janice Rand's first appearance is in "The Corbomite Maneuver"

Below are the episodes in which she appeared, and my comments upon her role in those episodes.

Season One

"The Corbomite Maneuver"
- role: minor

"The Enemy Within"
- role: involved
- assaulted by the 'bad' Captain Kirk and reports it to Mr. Spock; scratches Kirk's face

"The Man Trap"
- role: minor

"The Naked Time"
- role: minor

"Charlie X"
- role: involved:
- deals with Charlie and his crush on her; tries to interest him in Yeoman Lawton to no avail; when she firmly rejects Charlie he makes her 'go away'; the Thasians return her when they claim Charlie

"Balance of Terror"
- role: minor
- on the bridge and 'tossed around' during battle with the Romulan ship

- role: involved
- member of the landing party infected with an age exceleration disease; envied by Miri who has a crush on Captain Kirk; she's abducted by the 'onlies' to lure Kirk into a trap

"The Conscience of the King"
- role: minor

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