Ensign Robin Lefler

An Enterprise-D crew member and part of the engineering staff. She helped Commander La Forge modify the transporter system while Captain Picard was trapped on planet El-Adrel IV in 2368. Lefler was promoted to mission specialist a few months later and worked on optimizing sensor usage for a survey of the Phoenix Cluster. Lefler befriended Wesley Crusher, who visited the Enterprise-D during that mission, and the two were instrumental in helping the crew repel an attempted takeover by a Ktarian operative. Lefler was the child of two Starfleet plasma specialists. She traveled a great deal as a child, and made few friends her own age. She would later recall thinking of her tricorder as her first friend.

She created a series of 102 colloquialisms called Lefler's Laws. She said her laws were her way of remembering essential information. Wesley added the 103rd law "A couple of lightyears can't keep good friends apart". Robin gave Wesley Crusher a bound hardcopy of her first 102 laws.

("Darmok", "The Game ")

from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Ensign Robin Lefler

Memorable Quotes

"Law 17: When all else fails, do it yourself"

"Law 36: You gotta go with what works"

"Law 46: Life isn't always fair"

"Law 91: Always watch your back"


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