Romulan Commander

Officer in charge of the Romulan battle cruiser that captured the Enterprise when Kirk and Spock crossed the Romulan Neutral Zone on a spy mission in 2268. She attempted to persuade Spock to defect to the Romulan Star Empire, an effort made significantly more persuasive by personal attraction Spock felt for the commander. After the successful conclusion of that mission (in which Kirk and Spock stole an improved Romulan cloaking device), the Romulan Commander was made a Federation prisoner. Kirk indicated that the commander would eventually be returned to Romulan territory. ("The Enterprise Incident")
from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Romulan Commander - art work

Romulan Commander

Pictures below from a terrific Danish Star Trek Fan Site

Romulan Commander   Romulan Commander
Romulan Commander   Romulan Commander
Romulan Commander   Romulan Commander
Romulan Ship

Memorable Quotes

"It is unworthy of a Vulcan to resort to subterfuge"

"It is hard to believe I could be so moved by the touch of an alien hand"


"It is unworthy of a Vulcan to resort to subterfuge"   51KB

"It would be a great achievement for me to bring home the Enterprise intact..."   212KB

""Romulan women are not like Vulcan females..."   229KB

"The boarding action on the Enterprise will begin with my command..."   124KB

"T"The matter of trespass into Romulan space is one of galactic import..."   243KB

"There's a well-known saying... That Vulcans are incapable of lying"   185KB

"... We can appreciate the Vulcans. Our distant brothers"   314KB

"You do know I have a first name?"   103KB

"Will you join me for dinner?"   155KB

"You are a superior being. Why do you not command?"   190KB

"If you will give me a moment the soldier will transform herself into a woman"   189KB

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