Romulan operative claiming to be the daughter of Enterprise-D security officer natasha Yar and a Romulan official. Although yar died in 2364 without ever having a child, it was believed that an alternate version of yar entered this continuum in 2366, then went into the past where she gave birth to Sela. (Redemption, part II")

Sela emerged in 2367 as a key figure in the ongling Romulan hegemony in Klingon and Federation politics. She spearheaded an operation in that year that unsuccessfully attempted to use mental conditioning to program Starfleet officer Geordi la Forge so that La Forge would assassinate Klingon governor Vagh, which would have created distrust between the Klingon and Federation governments. ("The Mind's Eye").

Later that year, Sela commanded a covert operation to provide military supplies to the Duras family during the Klingon civil war in an attempt to destablize the Gowron regime. ("Redemption, Parts I & II")

In 2368, Sela spearheaded a plan to use the underground Romulan/Vulcan reunification movement as a cover for an attempted invasion of Vulcan. She tried to force Ambassador Spock to reassure Vulcan authorities that the Romulan invasion force was actually a peace delegation, but her plan was thwarted by Enterprise-D personnel. ("Unification, Parts I & II")

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Sela   Sela

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