Lt. Commander Shelby

Officer who was placed in charge of Starfleet's planning for defense against the Borg in early 2366. Shelby along with Admiral Hanson, went aboard the Enterprise-D later that year when the disappearance of a colony on Jouret IV indicated a new Borg offensive.

Young and ambitious, Shelby hoped to gain an appointment as Enterprise-D executive officer, and won at least a temporary promotion to the post following the abduction of Captain Picard by the Borg. Following the destruction of the Borg ship, Shelby was assigned to Starfleet Headquarters, where she joined the task force to reassemble the fleet. ("The Best of Both Worlds, Parts I and II")

from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Lt. Commander Shelby

Lt. Commander Shelby   Lt. Commander Shelby
Lt. Commander Shelby   Lt. Commander Shelby
Lt. Commander Shelby   Lt. Commander Shelby   Lt. Commander Shelby  

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"You're in my way!"
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