One of three survivors from Sargon's planet after it was destroyed half a million years ago in a devasting war, and the wife of Sargon. Thalassa, and a handful of other survivors of that war were placed into survival canisters, and three of them were revived in 2268 by the crew of the Starship Enterprise. Thalassa and the others temporarily occupied the bodies of Dr. Ann Mulhall, Kirk, and Spock so that they could build android bodies for their intellects. But she eventually realized that the temptations to abuse her superior power inside a living body were too great, so she and her husband opted to face oblivion together. ("Return to Tomorrow")
from the Star Trek Encyclopedia

Pictures below from a terrific Danish Star Trek Fan Site

thalassa   thalassa

Memorable Quotes

"Oblivion together does not frighten me, my husband."

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