B'Elanna Torres

wav files

Chief Engineer Torres

"B'Elanna, B'Elanna Torres" 81 kb

"I'm Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres of the Federation starship Voyager" 83 kb

"Be careful what you wish for, Lt." 86 kb

"Mmm, looks delicious!" 28 kb

"I can see where you get your charming personality" 51 kb

"This could happen again...." 60 kb

"The main pattern buffers are still offline" 62 kb

"Alright Starfleet lets give it another try" 61 kb

"Chief Engineer's Log" 22 kb

"I have really had it with this superiority complex of yours" 125 kb

"Go ahead and ask your stupid question" 33 kb

"I will make someone pay I swear I will!" 39 kb

"She may look human. She may sound human but she's all Borg" 63 kb

"I have to tell you the truth ..... I love you" 244 kb

"You've never been hard to get Tom" 86 kb

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