Deanna Troi

wav files

Commander Troi

"I'm Counselor Deanna Troi" 18 kb

"Do you remember what I taught you Imzadi? Can you still sense my thoughts?" 142 kb

"I am Major Rakal of the Tal Shiar" 43 kb

... "Durango. I'm called Durango" ... 224 kb

"I don't think I'm cut out to be Captain. First Officer maybe. I understand there aren't many qualifications" 150 kb

"We will separate the ship when I decide that it's time and not before. Is that clear Ensign?" 117 kb

"Engaging impulse engines" 33 kb

"Troi to bridge" 20 kb

"I've never felt anything quite like this before" 27 kb

"It's really none of your business" 32 kb

"Computer, belay that order" 39 kb

"Muzzle it" 26 kb

"Sharing an orbit with God is no small experience" 66 kb

"In another time and place, this could be funny" 64 kb

"... You probably want to meditate or hit yourself with a painstick or something" 146 kb

"Chocolate is a serious thing" 33 kb

"Your cowardice does not befit a Romulan soldier" 84 kb

... "You are not fit to command. Step down. Step down or I will have you removed" 274 kb

"Would you like to talk about what's bothering you or would you like to break some more furniture?" 104 kb

"It wasn't easy to translate. There doesn't seem to be a Klingon word for 'jolly'" 90 kb

"Computer. Execute my original command" 39 kb

"Data sometimes a cake is just a cake" 79 kb

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