Nyota Uhura

Lt. Uhura

Uhura served as communications officer aboard the Enterprise on its original five-year mission, under the command of James T. Kirk. It is not unusual to see her rewire or repair her own communications board during a crisis, or taking the helm.

In Swahili the name of Uhura, a striking black woman, translates to 'freedom,' and she speaks that language fluently. She also has a singing voice and was known to entertain members of the U.S.S. Enterprise crew, accompanying herself on the Vulcan harp. Uhura has shown some romantic interest in Scotty, but it was never pursued. After her memory was wiped in 2267 by the space probe Nomad, Uhura spent considerable time relearning the huge pieces of information the probe had destroyed.

Uhura served at Starfleet Command on Earth after the reassignment of the original U.S.S. Enterprise to Starfleet Academy in 2284, where part of her duty was to give lectures. Prior to the Khitomer peace conference, Uhura returned to her former post on the U.S.S. Enterprise-A at the request of Captain Kirk.


Rank: Commander

Date of birth: 2239

Place of birth: United States of Africa, Earth

Parents: Mother, M'Umbha

Education: Starfleet Academy, 2257-61


2266 -- Communications officer, U.S.S. Enterprise, under Capt. James T. Kirk

2271 -- Promoted to lieutenant commander, refit U.S.S. Enterprise under Capt. Will Decker

2277 -- Assigned to Starfleet Academy cadet training and Starfleet Command communications

2285 -- By now a commander, aboard U.S.S. Enterprise for rescue of Genesis development team

2286 -- Inquiry dismisses charges related to theft of U.S.S. Enterprise

2287 -- Oversees communications on new NCC-1701-A Enterprise

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Memorable Quotes

"Sorry, neither"
in response to Sulu's
"I'll protect you fair maiden!"
The Naked Time

"It's a big galaxy Mister Scott"

"Lt. our chances of returning in one piece have just doubled."
ST:I The Motion Picture

"This isn't reality... this is fantasy."
ST:II The Wrath of Khan

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